Air fryer – A New Way Of Cooking

best air fryerCooking with an air fryer is a healthy type of cooking to deep fry using oil. Hot air fryers need air to cook food whereas the deep fryers need a lot of oil to cook food which not good for our health. Hot air fryers use air technology instead of oil for cooking or fry something. Air fryer is also treated as a new way of cooking.

What is a hot air fryer?

A air fryer is a kitchen appliance which is used at homes to cook deep fried foods without the use of oil. Food cooked into it is also healthy and beneficial for us. In the place of oil, it uses heated air to fry something. It is a modern kitchen appliance comes fitted with a heating element and a fan blow the hot air around.

How does it work?

How can you cook with just heated air? Well, to be more exact it is rapidly moving heated air. The food is cooked by this rapidly moving air striking it in all directions .yes it seems to like a micro oven cooking with hot air.

Which is the good fryer for home use?

The best air fryer brand is Phillips air fryer. There are main two types of models available in the market, the manual hot air fryer and a digital version. Both have a maximum temperature of 390 degrees. But the different thing in the digital model comes with a maximum timer of 60 minutes.

Yes, it is possible to eat fried foods with less fat with the help of air fryers and also results in tasty and healthy food. Use it and fulfill your wants of tasty and healthy foods with fewer calories and in less time.




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