Brain Injury Attorney

If you have been in an accident where you suffered injuries close to your head, you will need to hire a brain injury attorney. The goal of the lawyer is to get a settlement that benefits you, the client. They also can represent the individual being sued for. The settlement with this injury can take long years because of the rehabilitation needed for the injuries like this.

An initial consultation will be made to talk about the incident. If you received the injury, the lawyer would need to know the total of expense you made when you were hospitalized. All your medical records will also be collected to be used as evidence to make a strong case. Different specialists will be consulted like psychologists and neurologists. Their testimony will be collected and used as evidence should the case go to court.

The goal of a good Brain Injury Attorney Los Angeles is to get a settlement right away. Going to court will consume a lot of resources and time for both the complainant and the lawyer. The amount will have to cover the expense paid for hospitalization as well as the income you had lost when you were unable to go to work.

Should both parties, (you and the defendant) did not come to a settlement the case will go to court? Gathering of evidence and testimonies will be made before the lawyer can present the case to the judge. After that, the judge will issue an order. It will include all the facts of the case and the opinion of the judge. It will now be up to the brain injury attorney to draft a settlement agreement that is agreeable to the judge’s decision. If by any means, one or both of the lawyer does not agree with the judge they can file a complaint afterward.

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