Cool Gadgets As Gifts For Teens This Christmas

Lenovo Yoga Book

Your teen will be happy with these Lenovo Yoga books. It can be a laptop or tablet. This yoga book does it all. It’s all in one. This can be your all in one media center. You can use your favorite social media sites, for internet browsing, for your school research, digital art canvas, you can write down your notes here using the stylus or type your school papers and after all the school work, you can play games and use different apps on this beautiful 10-inch HD display. This is so cool. You can do all these things in this handy book and you have a longer battery life. Your kids will surely like this. This will cost you about $500.

Galaxy Gear VR

Galaxy Gear VR
Galaxy Gear VR

This is something that your kids will surely love. You can buy this Galaxy Gear VR for $99 and if you already have newer Samsung Galaxy phone from S6 and newer, you can just add this new device to your phones to make it more interesting to play. This is a very impressive Virtual Reality device, it can give your gaming and other apps a whole new lot of experiences. You just need to snap this device to your phone then that’s it. It’s like you’re in another kind of world.

HP Sprocket

I know your kids love to take pictures nowadays. Teens love to take pictures and post it on Instagram or other social networking sites. That Instagram Mable shot would be best kept if you can print it out and save it for the rest of your life. This is a must have for a family who loves to take pictures. Not only the teens will like it but sure mom and dad also will. This is very small printer is very handy. You can put it in your bag or pocket. It connects via Bluetooth so you don’t need to worry about having the internet. This will cost you around $130.


Teens are mostly outgoing and fun. They want to try new adventures and for this kind of gadget, this is something more physical to play with. Teens will get excited to play with this and maybe have Segway session with friends and eventually have a race to make it more fun.

Christmas is the best time for making you kids happy. So why not treat them with cool things for being good this year? It may cost you a lot getting the coolest gadgets for these kids but it’s always worth it to give your kids nothing but the best.


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