GPS Cell Phone Tracking

cellsiteCell phone technology has improved our everyday lives. Our cell phones keep us in touch with our loved ones, updates us on news and ever shows us the way when we are lost. The technological mobile advancements have helped us in more ways than one. However the GPS phone tracking has been the most ethically problematic, beneficial as they are, they can still be used in a wrong way. Learning how it works and knowing if the data we posses is truly our own.

Clearing up the common misconceptions will help us better understand the process and after that we can decide whether it constitutes a threat to privacy.

Most individuals choose to make use of the GPS within their phones, however, there are options you can select to disable certain apps from accessing your location. This can limit some of the tracking being done, thereby allowing you to have the privacy that you desire. Related article: localiser un téléphone

Besides giving directions, there are other reasons as to why your phone would want to know your location. One of them is the provision of ads; they will supply you with geographically relevant advertisements. These can be seen when you browse the internet through your phone or laptops. Google which is a key player on online ads makes full use of this technology, allowing them to provide the most relevant ads to a targeted audience.

The simple pictures you take can also make use of the GPS. It can automatically tag the locations of the place you’ve photographed. This information is also included when you post the picture online. Though you can opt to turn this feature off if you are not comfortable on sharing such information.

If you’ve been seeing some of the recent tech news, you are probably aware of the controversies regarding the GPS system. Certain points were being questioned by the people. One of which is what the huge companies are doing with the personal GPS data that they have gathered.

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