Guide For Taking Care Of Your Wigs


You are so excited to wear your new blonde lace front wig for the first time at work tomorrow. You tried it on and in just a few minutes, the hairs are tangling. Don’t worry you are not alone. Whether your wig is synthetic or natural, it always ends up in knots.

There are different reasons why your wig tangles. It could be that the hair was improperly laid in or it has been treated or the cuticles are going in the wrong direction. There is a reason why on your natural hair tangling rarely occurs while on a wig which is almost the same tangles every so often. The answer is your scalp. The scalp makes natural oil to prevent drying and tangling.

blonde wigs

The first thing to do to prevent wigs from tangling is to use a correct shampoo and conditioner. It should be mild and sulfate free. You don’t scrub it like the way you do with your natural hair. To properly clean it, apply shampoo and just run your fingers like a comb.

You may use a brush when applying a conditioner. This is the best time to untangle because of the nature of a conditioner. Your shampoo and conditioner should be of low PH and is alcohol-free.

For rinsing, you will need to dip it into the water and slowly pull it out. With normal use, you should wash it once a week only.

When storing your wig be sure to have a wig head. It will allow the wig to stay in its shape. You may also want to try cleaning while your wig is in a wig head. This makes it easier to comb the wig with your fingers.

Take good care of your wig to keep it in pristine condition. It requires more attention than your natural hair.

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