Three Reasons Why Costume Jewelry Is Better Than Real Jewelry

costume jewelryBoth costume jewelry and real jewelry are loved by many people. They have their own reason why they prefer one over the other. But if you are among the many who are still undecided whether to go for a costume jewelry or a real jewelry, don’t worry we are here to help. There are just three things you need to know before you make your first purchase of a costume jewelry:

  1. Design variations – Costume jewelries can give customers a large variation of designs. Precious stones like emerald and rubies only have one color unlike the materials used in a costume jewelry. A cubic zirconia and synthetic crystal can be made with any color you can think of. Costume jewelries also use other materials not used in real jewelries like wood, shell, stones and plastic. Design variation is almost limitless by combining different materials.
  2. Affordability – We all know the price of a real jewelry is no joke. In a costume jewelry this is not a problem. The materials used in creation of a jewelry custom are very cheap. These materials are mass produced which makes it easy to get and pretty much everywhere. Cubic zirconia which is mostly used in cheap costume jewelry is fairly cheap and can be produced easily.
  3. Versatility – With all the available designs, you can be sure that there is costume jewelry that is a match for your outfit. The use of cheap materials allow designers to go test different designs. For formal attires you can use sparkling jewelries while for a family reunions you can go for a more subtle design like a pearl earring.

There are obvious advantages of owning a real jewelry but when it comes to the three factors listed above you are better with a costume jewelry.

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