Windows Error – Mulitple Windows Installer Running

Most of us have experienced a fair share Windows error, and one of them is the 1618, a windows error. This shows up when you use the Windows installer application. It happens when more than one installer is open. This can cause various issues. Fortunately, the methods to fix this are quite simple.


The cause of the problems is because of the way Windows work. Every time you install a program, specific processes are used by the application, and theses processes can only be opened or utilized one at a time. Meaning having two Windows installer running is just not possible. However, the problem is when the Windows installer is running, and you have no knowledge of it. This sometimes happen when your system performs automatic updates, or perhaps when you have a previous installation running and is stuck in the process. If you are experiencing the errors on updates you might want to check to see what methods you can apply to fix it.

To resolve this error, you first need to check if there is indeed more than one process running. Open the task manager and then search for the application. The manager shows you all the processes that are currently running on your system. Through this you can remove and Windows installer that is running.  Fixing this problem is necessary as this could mess up the way your programs are installed causing it not to function properly. This can also damage some of your files and become unreadable.

Running cleaner programs for your system can also fix the problems which occurred because of the 1618 error. The registry is the place where all the database is stored. This database holds the vital files for your PC to work properly. It is the most important part of the Windows system. However, the information stored here is also prone to viruses and errors. When this is affected, this can cause your computer to slow down or just stop working. You can solve all these issues with a registry cleaner; this will also prevent future problems for your Windows.


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